I’m still I’m still Amy from THE BLOCK

When I was growing up, my family was one of three Asian families in the entire neighborhood.  All three Asian families were Korean.  I think we all knew each other.  I remember one family would regularly give us persimmons from their persimmon tree.  I hate persimmons.

My grandma had a habit of leaving the persimmons out until they were nearly rotted and so mushy that they almost fell apart in your hands when picked up.  That’s when they were “ready” to eat.  I still can’t get the taste out of my mouth.

I’d have to say that there were probably around 150 homes or so in the neighborhood where I grew up.

So if we take 3 homes and divide by 150 homes (I’m terrible at math, much to the dismay of any idiot who believes that all Asians are excellent at math), we get 2%.  So when I was growing up, only 2% of the hood was Asian.  I’d guess that the other 98% was white.

You can imagine my shock when I entered college.  I attended UC Irvine (ZOT ZOT) for my undergraduate education where more than half of the student population is made up of Asians.  WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM?

Answer:  The Bay Area

Now I live in a planned community where all of the homes look exactly the same and we all share walls with each other.  In my row of homes (there are 10 homes on 1 row), there are seven Asian families.  So if we take 7 homes and divide that by 10 homes, we get 70%.  And that’s just in my row.

2% < 70%

Oddly enough, most of the Asian families living in our row are 1st generation (i.e. my parents’ generation – they didn’t grow up here).  Since I don’t have the time, space, or discipline to grow my own fruit (we can barely keep our plants alive…I think they’re all dead actually), I decided to bake cupcakes for all of the neighbors during the holidays.

This was no small feat since a) I’m not a baker and b) I’M NOT A BAKER.

When it was time to deliver these fantastic fresh out-of-the-box cupcakes (at least the frosting was home-made, thanks to master chef Kevin), no one would open their doors.


“. . .”

Then I had an epiphany.  Asians don’t open their doors!  And Asians don’t go around delivering cupcakes to the neighbors.  The two open doors I got were from white people.  And they were excited as hell to eat those free cupcakes.

And that, my friends, is how stereotypes start.


F-R-E-E that spells free, freecupcakes dot com baby!

Asians, I guess.  Or maybe just the 1st gen. ones.

5 thoughts on “I’m still I’m still Amy from THE BLOCK

  1. persimmons are icky. guavas are better (my parents left me a guava tree when they sold me the house). but dried pineapple is where it’s at. even 1st gen asians probably open their doors when dried pineapple comes a’knockin’.

  2. hey, amy! i can tell you have been influenced by some good reading–good reading leads to good writing. 🙂 enjoying getting to know you by this medium. in my book (haha), i think you are already “bad ass.”

  3. haha to kate and neville’s comment! jeah, i’m one of those asians from the bay. but i too grew up a “minority”.

    i liked “a) i’m not a baker and b) I’M NOT A BAKER!” hehe, made me laugh. i’m glad you tried tho! asians like fruit, not cupcakes. not sure i’d trust an asian girl whose husband looks like a gangsta who said “hello, i’m you’re neighbor. have a free cupcake!” i’d be like “what’d they put in it? they’re gonna rob us 10 min after we eat them!” hahaha, jk, sorta:)

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