Glass Eyeball

I could have been fitted for one of these:


True story:

When I was 12, I contracted some rare type of fierce cornea-eating bacteria in my right eye and was rushed off to see an ophthalmologist (by an ex-family practitioner who I’m surprised hasn’t been sued for malpractice yet) for a diagnosis.

I was the only one in that waiting room under the age of 80.  Everyone else was there to nurse their cataracts or glaucoma.

I remember Dr. Collier, the ophthalmologist, telling me that if I had come in 24 hours later, he would have needed to fit me for a glass eye.  To this day, I’m not sure if he was joking or speaking the cold hard truth.  I sometimes have difficulty differentiating between the two.

The coolest part?  Wearing one of these bad boys:

Elle Driver = BAD ASS

If I could whistle, I would right now.

2 thoughts on “Glass Eyeball

  1. SHUT UP! That would have been CRAZY!!! You would have been like that one ESPN sports anchor (Stuart Scott)… my oh my! Thank goodness you have two real eyeballs.

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