Hallmark Holidays

I lucked out.

Every year as February 14th nears, Kevin reminds me how ridiculous Valentine’s Day is and how much he absolutely  despises the holiday.  After 8 years, I’ve learned not to expect much from the holiday.  But this year, he and some friends decided to treat us wives to massages (they had made appointments for us on the sly) and a delicious home-cooked meal!   I decided to commemorate this rare occasion with a photo opp.  Long live V-day 2010!

Nice job boys.

“Somebody’s gonna get a BIG fruitbasket!” (Basketeer on Friends)

On another note – Seth Godin posted the other day about inventing our own holidays.

“Find an emotion that needs social approval in order to be easily expressed.”

We have Bosses Day and Administrative Assistants Day, but what about everyone else in between?  I was thinking we should have an “Everything In Between Day,” but it looks like someone smarter just decided to rename Administrative Assistants Day to “Administrative Professionals Day.”
Missed that damn boat AGAIN.

Time to invent a new holiday.

2 thoughts on “Hallmark Holidays

  1. HAHAHAHAA. I love that Friends episode. Remember when later, Joey walks in on Chandler buried in all the fruit baskets and Chandler’s like, “Hey do we have any fruit?” ;P

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