Dear Journal. . .

I’ve been reading up on various writing websites, and most of these websites talk about the importance of 1) reading a lot and 2) writing a lot.  And maybe there’s something in there about not using “a lot” a lot. . . or EVER.

One article in particular recommended always having a journal on hand.

So this morning I searched for my journal, dusted it off, and then set it back on my nightstand.

I wasn’t aware that I was being watched until my husband asked, “How come you’re not taking your journal with you?”  To which I responded, “It’s too heavy.”

Today, laziness will triumph over creativity.

I’ve thought about starting my entries with “Dear Journal” like Sue Sylvester (who is one of my heroes, by the way), but for fear of sounding far less interesting and trite, I’ve opted to stick with the more conventional “Dear Diary” as an opener.

Or perhaps I’ll just do what most artists do and talk to myself.

Here’s some inspiration from Sue Sylvester’s journal:

“Dear Journal,

I once read a quote somewhere that I should never doubt a group of small, committed people and their power to change the world. I don’t know who said that, but they’re probably a socialist, and they should be ashamed of themselves.  I have managed to affect change, and done it all on my own through my genius for social strife.”


One thought on “Dear Journal. . .

  1. finally had some time to read your posts from the last month. you’re so funny, amy. i love it!! behind your glasses and being “intimidating”, you are one soft and very approachable person. 🙂 enjoy your time with God, journal in hand! love you!

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