A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity of attending Rob Bell’s “Drops Like Stars” tour at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.  He shared a quotation from a Franciscan priest that I’ve been mulling over ever since:

He later shared another quotation from an artist who said that the creative process is something to the likeness of “agony, agony, agony.”



Then on Friday, as I was reading up on some new writing blogs I found (thanks to Twitter), I came across one writer’s blog called, “Literary Rejections on Display.”  While Jacob Appel is known as an award-winning short-story writer and has published various literary journals, during the course of his career he has also received approximately 11,000 rejections.  Here are his two favorite rejections:

The first letter stated:
“I imagine some editors find your work amusing, although I cannot
imagine why. Please don’t send your work to XXXXX ever again.”

Another, from a different journal, read in entirety:

“Dear Mr. Appel:
Do not consider this note of rejection specific to this story.
Consider it a preemptive rejection of anything else that you are
thinking of sending our way. The Editors.”


Failure. Agony. Rejection.

Why do people decide to go into this business?

On another note, I commented on Donald Miller’s blog today and was thrilled that he responded to MY comment (and no one elses)!  So you might say that we conversed today.  I’m star struck.

5 thoughts on “FAIL.

  1. oopsie i commented on the wrong post! can u delete the other one?

    i would be starstruck too! i just subscribed to his blog… and still need to read his book.

    • Done! I’m going to read Blue Like Jazz soon.

      BTW, have you ever done Book Swap on Goodreads? There are so many books I’d like to trade/get rid of.

  2. nope i’ve never done that! but heey sam and i were thinking of book swamping too, cuz we have a lot of duplicate books. we put all of them in a box and was thinking it could just be a library for whoever wanted to borrow. what books do u have? i should send u a list of our excess books – maybe you’d be interested..

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