Browless. Beauty or BUST?

Some mornings when I stare at myself in the mirror, I feel that I look like this:

Mona Lisa.  Or Lisa del Giocondo. . . whichever name you prefer.

Browless with a fake smile.

My first experience with brow-plucking was in junior high.  A friend of my mom’s had pointed out how unsightly and bushy they were (which is a common occurrence among Korean parents – pointing out physical flaws or “bad” behavior) and convinced my mom to let her “shape” them.

You might have thought that my brows looked like this:

After years of over-plucking, now they look like this:

For the time being (as in these last three minutes), I’ve considered going browless.  Back in Da Vinci’s day, it was “common for genteel women to pluck [eyebrows and eyelashes] out, since they were considered to be unsightly” (thank you Wikipedia).  Though, I’d hardly consider myself a “genteel” woman.

And then of course, there’s Whoopi Goldberg.  Sexy as hell.

3 thoughts on “Browless. Beauty or BUST?

  1. i just got my eyebrows professionally shaped at nordstroms…i’m trying to grow back parts of my eyebrow too since i kinda went pluck crazy a few years back..

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