Who’s your Paddy?

St. Patrick’s Day was one holiday I never fully understood while growing up.  I knew enough to associate these things with the holiday:

  1. Wear green
  2. If you don’t wear green, prepare to be pinched until there’s no tomorrow
  3. Shamrocks (or “clubs” to a card player)
  4. Leprechauns (scary, not cute)
  5. Drinking to the point of oblivion (as with most major holidays)

Thanks to my parents,  I never owned a single piece of green clothing during my K-6th grade years.  Instead, I was given a Spring Chicken button to wear on St. Patty’s Day.  It looked similar to this:

The button had a tiny patch of green to save me from relentless pinching.  Except, it was lime-green, bordering a shade of yellow.  And the patch was so small I had to yell and scream in order to assure people that I was wearing green before those nasty pinchers could get to me:

“SEE?  GREEN!!! Please don’t pinch me.

Sometimes this tactic worked, oftentimes it didn’t.

I secretly thought I was being punished because I was not of Irish descent. Why should Koreans have to celebrate an Irish holiday anyway?

So forgive me if I’m not in a celebratory mood today.  I don’t exactly have a positive association with the holiday.

Or. . .perhaps you’ll find me like this at the end of the day:


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