Bury Your Head in the Sand


That ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand?  Apparently, it’s a myth that was created by Pliny the Elder some time between 23-79 A.D.

I had a thought today that it would be nice to be like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand.  But after doing some internet research, I realized that my ostrich knowledge was terribly incorrect.  I had believed this “head in the sand” myth my entire life!

(It wasn’t quite as heartbreaking as finding out that the tooth fairy and Santa Claus were mythical too.  My sister broke the news to me in a fit of anger when I was about 7.  I suppose I’m better for it.)

So here are some interesting facts about ostriches:

  • Their brains are smaller than their eyes, but they’re not stupid
  • They are polygamous (though there is no information stating that they originated in UTAH)
  • They can reach a speed of 45 mph
  • They can cause serious injury or death with a swift kick of their legs

I forgot what my point was.  At least I learned something new today.


4 thoughts on “Bury Your Head in the Sand

  1. we have ostriches on our mission base in south africa. they often come up to the office windows and peck (have even broken a few!). we issue warnings to all our visitors not to approach the ostriches because—dun dun dun—they can disembowel you with one kick. ha! i can’t believe i just wrote the word “disembowel” – what a horrible, horrible word.


    despite their powerful kung-fu kick, i like the li’l buggers. i call them my “lovely ladies”.

    which, now that i write THAT out too, i realize sounds awfully wrong.

    oh dear.

    • @Alece – Thanks for stopping by! I’m now an avid reader of your blog and love hearing about how God is working in your life. Your story has really touched and inspired me. It’s funny (perhaps funny is not the right word) how God can use our pain for something beautiful.

      DISEMBOWEL? I’ve never seen an ostrich in my life, but now I will be sure to steer clear of them.

  2. I don’t like ostriches. Vincent used to call me one before we were dating…I didn’t think it was a very kind term of endearment..haha!

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