I recently finished reading Jeannette Walls’ memoir – The Glass Castle.  In it she shares a story about how she caught on fire while cooking hot dogs over the stove at age 3 (I didn’t ruin the book – it’s in the first 5 pages).

Once I got over the shock of 1) a 3 year-old cooking hot dogs for herself and 2) a toddler catching on fire, I started thinking about some of my earliest memories:

  • I remember being in diapers and outgrowing them. . .but I don’t remember being potty-trained.  ODD.
  • I remember falling in the toilet at my mom’s workplace.  I think I leaned back too far and my bottom took a dive.
  • I remember accidentally locking myself in my cousin’s bathroom in South Carolina while my mom was getting me ready for a bath.  It was one of those push in-pull out door knob locks.  I don’t think we had those in California.
  • I remember hitting my eye on the bathroom sink corner right before 1st grade class pictures.  I have a black eye in those photos.  At least I look BAD-ASS.
  • I remember being lost at a church picnic.  The youth pastor’s son had taken me to play at another corner of the park, left me there, and said he’d be right back.  The S.O.B. never returned.  That’s when I learned two very important lessons:  1) I was born directionally-challenged and 2) DON’T TRUST BOYS.

One thing I do not remember is outgrowing my bottles and pacifier.  Apparently I sucked on them until I was almost 4.  My sister and cousin tried to wean me by pouring Tabasco all over them.  They got in big trouble for that.

What are some of your earliest memories?


One thought on “Memories

  1. cooking at 3?? i’m still in shock b/c I can’t imagine Ava cooking hot dogs by herself! altho she does love hot dogs.

    my earliest memory is our leftovers being formed into a duck in foil from some restaurant in LA. My mom said I was only 9mo old but for some reason, I remembered that. Another is my 2nd bday b/c it was more about my brother and not me 😛 I don’t remember being potty trained either. My mom said she didn’t do it and i just did it on my own one day.

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