For the love of dolls

Have you seen the newest addition to the Barbie collection?  They call her Computer Engineer Barbie:

I saw this a few weeks ago in the NY Times.  I think if I were 6, I would ask my mom to buy “geek chic” Barbie for me.  After all, she does wear those ‘focals pretty well.

I never owned a Barbie when I was growing up.  The closest thing I had was a Midge doll that a friend of my parents bought for me.  Here’s Midge:

Some information on Midge (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“Midge Hadley is a fictional doll character in the Barbie line of toys by Mattel that was first released in 1963.  She was marketed as Barbie’s best friend.

She was re-introduced in 1988 as part of the play line, though two vintage reproduction dolls were made specifically for collectors in 1993 and 1998. Also in the period, Wedding Day Midge was sold, with the groom being Allan Sherwood.  In the most recent fictional Barbie storyline, Midge and Allan have three children, who are named Ryan and Nikki and Cassandra.”

Sounds like a nice family.

I loved my Midge doll.  I had Wedding Day Midge.  She came with two outfits – 1) a wedding dress and 2) a more casual honeymoon outfit.  I used to brush her long brown hair with the plastic brush from the box set.

So I never grew up with

  • A real Barbie doll
  • A Cabbage Patch doll
  • A Teddy Ruxpin Bear

I never really had enough toys to fill a toy chest.  In fact, I never owned a toy chest.  Instead, I played with everyone else’s toys. And my Midge doll of course.

But as far as I can remember, I was a pretty content kid.  I filled my time with

  • BOOKS and
  • Games . . . particularly card games.  This may explain my poker addiction.

I have not decided whether or not my unborn child will ever have the luxury of owning a toy chest.  I am, however, open to buying him/her a poker set for his/her first birthday. . .


2 thoughts on “For the love of dolls

  1. omgee… i played w/ Barbies til the beginning of junior high =X i wish i knew about Midge…Barbie & her could have been friends in my world.

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