Food Wars

I have a love-hate relationship with food.

What I mean to say is – I love food, but hate preparing it.

Which essentially means – I hate to cook.

Perhaps hate is a strong word.

I cannot recall ever cooking a meal for myself (or anyone else for that matter) before being married.  The extent of my cooking knowledge was

  1. making rice and
  2. packaged ramen noodles.  And I make a mean ramen.

Just yesterday I asked Kevin how to boil an egg.  True story.

So you can imagine the terror I felt as I approached my wedding day.  I remember waking up a few times in cold sweats.

In fact, one of our biggest fights during our engagement was about SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST.  The conversation went something like this:

Kevin: I love having Saturday morning breakfasts.  You’re going to cook Saturday morning breakfasts RIGHT?

Me: Hi, have you met me?  Have you ever seen me cook a hot breakfast?  Ever heard of something called CEREAL?

That conversation didn’t end very well.

After all, was it my fault that my husband to-be had insane expectations?  I think not.

After nearly 4 years of marriage, the scoreboard looks a bit like this:

# of Saturday Morning Breakfasts cooked:

Amy:  3 (maybe 2)

Kevin: 100

And we are happily married.  Even though I’ve heard that it’s not good to keep score in a marriage.

And that’s why I find this picture absolutely hilarious:

And this one (for different reasons):

5 thoughts on “Food Wars

  1. both pics made me laugh.

    here’s a conversation est and i had the MORNING AFTER we got back from our honeymoon…

    me: (while est is cutting fruit, making eggs, etc. and i’m watching tv) ooh that looks good, can i have 2 eggs?
    est: you expected me to make you breakfast??
    me: oh, i thought since you were doing it already you were gonna.
    me: …damn…sorry…

    breakfast was silent.

  2. hahahha! yes, i do remember your culinary skills consisted of making rice, eating seaweed, and banchan (sp?). can’t believe it’s almost been 4 years…. congrats!!!

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