Bedside Manners

A few nights ago a friend was sharing about how his mother hates going to see her doctor because he’s always making her feel bad – for being ALIVE.  I don’t blame her.

*Every* Korean male doctor I had as a kid had the same effect on me.

One time my mom took me to see Dr. Kim because I woke up with what appeared to be some sort of rash (or hives) on my arm after sleeping over at a friend’s house.  Turns out I had just been eaten alive by mosquitoes (I had close to 30 bites on one arm).  The doctor recommended an OTC anti-itch gel, but not before saying, “It’s because you eat too much.  Mosquitoes like fat kids.” Or something like that.  He said it in Korean so this is a rough translation.

And then whenever I would go see Dr. Park, he’d usually open with “Wow, you getting BIG!  A little chubby chubby, no?”

I would have flipped him the bird if my dad was not head pastor at the time.

And I no longer see Dr. Kim or Dr. Park.

2 thoughts on “Bedside Manners

  1. oh the stories i have too….i had this one doctor who my mom took me to after i sprained my ankle. he squeezed it and said, “does this hurt?” i nearly kicked him in the face! my mom was completely mortified when i said, “of course! what do YOU think!?” =)

  2. one korean eastern medicine doctor guy told me that i had no muscles anywhere in my body…and then he repeated that to my mom, like she failed…and then loudly to other patients and doctors in the clinic…they have a gift: to destroy you/humiliate you so they can keep making money

    What up w/ that?

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