KK surprised me with tickets to go see David Sedaris at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center:

(I believe he’s quit smoking since he took this photo.)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to score a photo with him.  He apparently hates having his picture taken.  I can’t imagine why . . . it’s not like he’s of the ugly sort.  If I were an internationally bestselling author, I think I would love having my picture taken with fans fawning over me.  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when the girl in front of me in the book-signing line wouldn’t stop rambling on and on about how he “makes the everyday SO CHARMING!”  Please.  Could you be more unoriginal?

I coolly walked up to his table and said, “You are my FAVORITE writer.” He asked me, “Amy, we’ve met before haven’t we?  Be frank with me.”  (We hadn’t.)  He asked me what my favorite animal was and proceeded to draw a picture of a dog.  He showed me a picture of a horse wearing sneakers.  I thought it was a keepsake since I’m his #1 Fan, but he said, “Oh no, that’s not for you to take!”  Instead, he gave me a Purdey playing card with bullets on it.  He said I could use it as a bookmark.

He said he compiled and edited an anthology of short stories (below) in order to help “fucked up kids.”  Since it’s a cause I can support, I bought myself a copy.


6 thoughts on “Sedaris

  1. haha…you should’ve said your favorite animal was a deer, because you’re FAWNing over him. there’s always next time…as homer simpson would say…DOE!

    btw, those are shotgun shells, technically not bullets…but nice card.

  2. I have that anthology you bought and I really love it. Many of my favorite contemporary authors are in it and it makes me happy to know that David Sedaris and I have the same taste in books.

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