New Focals

I think I need new glasses.

Or maybe it is more that I feel the need to get new glasses.

Spice up my life.

Every couple of years or so I get the urge to buy a new pair.  Is that frequent?  Maybe for the person that wears glasses 1) for reading only or 2) to improve their night-time vision (I’ll refrain from getting into 3) the person who wears non-prescriptive glasses “for fun”).  But for someone who has to wear them every day for the rest of her entire life (no, LASIK is not an option for me – long story), I don’t think it’s all too frequent.  It’s like buying a new pair of jeans . . . or underwear.  It’s such a prominent article on my face, and I sort of get sick of staring at the same pair in the mirror every single day.

Every. Single. Day.

I used to hate it when people would say, “You look so GREAT without your glasses!  Have you ever considered LASIK?  Or contacts maybe?”

It’s called a back-handed compliment – i.e. an INSULT.

It’s like saying, “That dress is SUPER slimming!” (not like all your other clothes that make you look like a heifer).

I’ve only been wearing my glasses every single day for the past 16 years, but I’ve never, not once, thought about contacts!  Thanks for enlightening me!

The worst part about sitting in the optometrist’s office trying to pick out a new set of frames is that you can’t really see what they look like on your face.  There are mirrors everywhere, but you have to take off your own pair of glasses (the ones that actually allow you to see) and then put on the blurry pair before you make your decision.  And then everyone wonders why it takes you so long to finally pick a pair.  Good luck.

6 thoughts on “New Focals

  1. oh amy.. you know how we love the back handed compliments. what a bunch of idiots. no i dont think buying a new pair every year is unreasonable. people buy more jeans than that a year, and definitely more underwear. i think at any given point in time, you should have 3-4 pairs to alternate between, like shoes. a pair for feeling sexy, a pair for fun/goofy, a pair for real serious interview type scenarios, and a pair for rainy days. i get new glasses every year and i wear contact every year. so if you’re feeling guilty at all about buying a new pair.. just think of me, and my frivolous spending minus 80% and that’s you. that’s where you should be. spend some hard earn $ on you. not kobe, not kev, not for others, but you. if anyone has a problem, you tell them to come talk to me.

  2. i think i once told you that you look good without your glasses and then i asked if you had ever thought of contacts.

    i apologize, and i’m glad we’re still friends.

  3. You should check out (no, I do not work for them, nor do they pay me to give their name to almost everyone I know). I have 5 pairs of glasses from them (four day-wear and one pair of sunglasses), which means that I at least don’t have to look at the same pair on my face all the time. And they are SUPER affordable. The only challenge is that you need to know approximately how large your current frames (or other frames that flatter your face) are so that you don’t order ones that are too big (I’ve done that). From one glasses-wearer to another, enjoy looking!

  4. Have you thought about contacts or walking around blindly..?
    Only joking. I’m only saying it cos i’m millions of miles away from you and you can’t thump me.

    So true about how frustrating it is getting new glasses bit when you can’t see what you look like!!! However, even for one who wears contact lenses (so technically it’s not so difficult to see what i look like) my eyes then change proportion once i have the correct prescription in there which seems to change everything! There’s money to be made if someone can find a solution…

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