This past weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday.

I usually do not prefer all the fanfare that a big party brings, but this year since some of our friends would be leaving the country (and my parents were also scheduled to be gallivanting somewhere else in the world) I thought a big get-together might be nice.  My husband even volunteered to prepare the entire meal for the 25+ person party.  I initially told him to forget about it (in my best mob-boss voice) because there was no way in hell I would ever be able to top that kind of party and cook for 25 of his friends.  He said that he loved me anyway and that he was happy to do it.  That’s why I married him.

He’s been inspired by Top Chef lately so he welcomed the challenge.  I welcomed the food.

I may just get him a pair of Mario Batali Orange Crocs for his birthday: 



One thought on “Birthday

  1. just as long as he is wearing clothes while he wears those orange crocs…OH SIK

    happy birthday once again. your birthday was awesome. thank you kevin for cooking and also mr. miyagi

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