10-minute mile

Yesterday was the first time I ran or exercised in a very long time.

My husband actually agreed to accompany me on my run; he usually says no because I run too slowly.  In fact, my pace is so slow that my 10-pound maltese has no problem keeping up with me.  He trots.

In junior high, when we were all required to take P. E., Fridays were designated as our “mile-run” days.  It was the only period in my life when I despised Fridays.  Our P. E. uniforms didn’t make the runs any easier; I’m convinced that a sadist in the department decided to order the thickest darkest shirts just to be certain that we would all suffer.

I nearly died every Friday for those two years.  My only goals were to 1) finish the mile and 2) not be last.  I barely accomplished both.

“Push Amy, push!  C’MON!”  My husband’s inner-coach was beginning to surface.  And all of the reasons why I never pursued sports in high school came screaming back at me.

I hate running.


3 thoughts on “10-minute mile

  1. at least you can do a 10 minute mile! i “run/jog/walk” like a 12-14 min mile ^_^ hahahahahaha!!!!!! occasionally on a good day i’ll get to 10 min. i hate running too! james gets angry if i try to run b/c he’s like a cheetah so i have to scooter with him.

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