Fake focals

Yesterday I was helping a new student navigate our class schedule and he asked if I could make the screen larger because he couldn’t see.  I was puzzled because he was wearing large thick-framed glasses.

“Do you need new glasses?”

“What these?” <pointing to his glasses> “Oh, these are fake.”

“Why do you wear them then?”
“Because I look cool.”

I shot him a look of utter disgust and told him, in fact, that he did not look cool and that he looked like someone who was desperately trying to look cool.

I have absolutely no idea why people with perfect vision would subject themselves to wearing glasses.  I suppose I should count my lucky stars that in the last twenty years they have become “cool” to wear as a fashion accessory, but coming from someone who is forced to wear them day in and day out, I just don’t get it.

All this coming from someone who was told, “Wow, you actually look pretty in this picture” <pointing to a picture of me sans glasses>.

Me:  “Thanks <insert expletive>.  That’s why you’re still single you <insert expletive>.”

So when person X with 20/20 vision wears “fakes” because they’re “cool,” I almost feel like s/he is encroaching upon my rights as a legitimate glasses wearer.

Or perhaps I’m just extremely jealous.  Well guess what?  Hurt people hurt people.

Fakers, you know who you are.

4 thoughts on “Fake focals

  1. I wear contact lenses because I am so nearsighted that my eyes looked like pin-points behind my actual glasses. However, (shameful downward glance) I do have a pair of fake glasses that I think look really cute on me. They are cat-eyed tortoise shell. But, if they had my prescriptions lenses in them…no.

  2. …the worse…will be when scars are really really cool and people pack their bodies full of scar ’tissues’

  3. Hmmm….I guess I am just a “wanna be” faker. Just haven’t found the right fake ones yet. I used to wear glasses before Lasik, Maria said I looked smart….just wanna look smart again….and cool too…like you.

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