California Missions

I was at a friend’s house the other day and we were talking about how her son recently studied the California Missions.

Does anyone else remember this?  I don’t remember much from elementary school, but I LOVED studying those missions.

We had to create some sort of visual representation of the mission we were assigned to and I had Mission San Luis Obispo.  While I loved learning about the mission, the thought of having to create a visual/physical/artistic representation of my mission nearly gave me an ulcer.  That’s right, my stress levels were through the roof even as a 10 year-old.

So I went home in a panic and relayed to my mom that I had this huge project due for our missions segment and how it was terrible and how I was born without any artistic capability and that I was going to fail the 5th grade.  I don’t recall if I burst into tears but I acted the part of drama queen down to a T.

Then I showed her a picture of  Mission San Luis Obispo.  She sighed, stared at it for a few minutes and then started sketching out a drawing of the mission.  I was shocked 1) because I had no idea that my mom could draw and 2) because I didn’t even have to ask.  She handed me the beautiful sketch and then I colored it.  That was my contribution.

My mom got an A+ for that assignment.

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