Chubby Bunny

I blame my grandma for making me fat.

Not fat in the morbidly obese sense…more like, fatter than I’ve always wanted to be.  The other day I overheard a girl (my age) say she used to weigh 80 lbs. (now she’s “fat” and weighs 100) and I wanted to slap her.  I think the last time I weighed anywhere near double digits was in the 5th grade.

My grandma used to feed me so much during meal times that I would have to take “breaks” and then resume eating when I had enough room in my stomach again.  That’s right.  I was taught not to stop when I was full, but to rest until I could fit more food in.  To “nengyuh” (i.e. leave leftovers) was bad.  After all, there were so many starving children in the rest of the world and I needed to eat their share too.

Perhaps it’s because my grandma grew up poor and had to raise her kids in war-torn Korea.  She probably never knew where her next meal was coming from.  I believe it was her mission in life to make me as fat as possible.  When guests would come over and say, “Amy, so tong tong-eh!” she would beam with pride.  (I used to think “tong tong” meant healthy but I later learned it meant big and chubby.  I learned to scowl and flip the bird whenever anyone said that to me thereafter.)

So so tong tong.

2 thoughts on “Chubby Bunny

  1. My g’ma always stuffs my face with food! Now, I have to strategically NOT sit next to her..otherwise she keeps piling my plate with food..I keep telling her I’m trying to limit my intake..but I don’t think she gets it..

  2. Ah, this is my mother in law “Malia need to eat a lot. She Tongan, she need to be Big Lady.” SCARY! I swear not even two minutes later she was talking about how sad it is that the elders have so many health issues because they are fat! OMG. She literally feeds Malia until she throws up and then feeds her again.

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