Arts & Crafts

I may just be the least crafty person I know.

I’m about as artistic as a three year-old . . . except I can color between the lines.  I gave up on visual art in the 1st grade and learned early on that this wasn’t exactly my gifting.

When I look at other moms coming up with art projects and creating all sorts of goodies for their children – scrapbooks, costumes, outfits, blankets, party favors – I am in nothing short of awe.

My sister tried to teach me how to knit once (maybe twice) and I failed miserably.  I could barely pay attention long enough to understand what she was doing with the needle.  I attempted one stitch before I dropped the ball of yarn and put my needles away for good.

I was once talking with a mom friend of mine about how I would never be able to give my child a home-made anything.  She said, “When you have kids, of course you will!”

No, I won’t.

That’s like saying to someone who has never cooked anything besides rice and instant noodles that when she gets married, she will be able to cook delicious meals for her husband.  You can ask Kevin how well that turned out.  Did I also mention that I just recently learned how to boil an egg?

But maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  Perhaps I won’t be able to hand-make all of her Halloween costumes or knit her blankets and dolls (I will pay the talented people of this world to do that for me and stimulate this shit-hole of an economy while I am at it).  But I can spend my time writing down memories and incredibly embarrassing stories about her and bind them in a book for her amusement later on when she is able to appreciate them.  I can provide entertainment.


4 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts

  1. I’m in the same boat that you are in….

    Although with all the time that i have since i no longer work, i am at least somewhat willing to try… good luck and let me know how it goes…. i figured if i can’t make it there is someone on etsy that is willing to make it for a reasonalble price….

  2. when i was single, i thought as if taking care of kids wasn’t crazy enough, who has time to make stuff?? you just do. with very little sleep. teehee.

  3. Brilliant. I’m with you sister. Even Easter has mustered up anxiety for me on what to do for my kids. Result? We are going to church together. No baskets. No died eggs. No special outfits. On their first Easter with us! Pretty sure they’ll feel loved though.

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