The Perfectionist In Me

Last night I was talking to KK about the perils of writing and how hard it is for me to post on the blog because I want each and every post to be PERFECT.  And also because I’m afraid of sounding idiotic, cheesy, preachy, whiny, boring, etc.  I want people to scratch their heads, cry, or laugh their asses off when they read my stuff.  So I spend my time thinking about all of the interesting and clever things I would like to say, most of which never make it to the page.

He suggested I read Jon Acuff’s recent blog post about perfectionism.

This line from his post killed me:

” I learned this tip while writing the It’s essentially the critical difference between “perfect” and “published.” Here it is:

90% perfect and published always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.”

Now I just need to decide if I want to change lives.


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