I’ve got about two weeks and some change until my estimated due date.

Some “new” things I’ve been experiencing as of late:

  • Leg cramps.  They sort of feel like your legs are being chopped off, usually occurring in the middle of the night or just as I’m waking up in the morning.
  • Restlessness.  I think we completed everything on my baby checklist by June 1.  Paint – check.  Carpet/upholstery cleaning – check.  House cleaning – check.  Car seat installation – check.  Buy last-minute items/return/exchange items – check.  Diapers/wipes – check.  Crib/dresser – check.  Check, check, check.  What else?  Must keep moving.  Sometimes I’ll go to Target or Babies R Us just to walk around and check for the hundredth time that I’ve got everything I need.
  • Nesting bug.  As mentioned before in my last post, this started around month 5 and has not waned since.  If anything, I’ve become even more of a dictator about keeping the house spotless.  I even spent an hour landscaping on our patio (against KK’s wishes) because of course the baby will not appreciate coming home to a house with weeds and overgrown shrubs.
  • Mixed emotions.  Fear, excitement, anxiety . . . The other morning I woke up thinking, “Oh GOD, I’m having contractions!” only to realize it was just last night’s dinner.

Now, just waiting for the arrival of the little person to fit these:


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