Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

Today is my last official day of maternity leave.

There have been so many different emotions swirling around this past week – sadness, anxiety, excitement, fear, guilt, and anticipation just to name a few.

Moms forewarned me that I wouldn’t really know how I would feel about returning to work until Aliya was here.  They were right.

I’ve flip-flopped a few times already since she’s been born.  Days after she was born, I couldn’t imagine ever leaving her.  And then about three weeks later, I was sure I was ready to go back to work, where I might find a bit of my “old” self lingering around somewhere.  Five months later, I’m somewhere in between.

I just love my Sassafras to pieces.


2 thoughts on “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

  1. amy, hope you are enjoying a smooth transition back to work. you must miss that sweet face many times during the day. i am sure she is in good care with her grandma. they will form a special bond. my mom took care of soren for a year while i worked and they still have a special bond. 🙂

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