The little things

Growing a baby has given me a new found appreciation for the little things – beginning in pregnancy and into the first year of Miss Sassafras’s life.

During pregnancy, I loved reading about all of the ways our baby was developing in my belly.  First she learned how to curl her fingers and toes.  And then before I knew it, she was giving me full-fledged punches and kicks each day to remind me that she was growing strong and there to keep me company (for the rest of my life).

And then she was born.  And I have been able to see her grow, change, and develop right before my very eyes.

First she learned how to track with her eyes.  “Do you see me?  Do you see Mommy?”

Then she learned how to hold her head up for more than ten seconds at a time.

Then she learned how to smile.  And then I died.

Then she learned how to sleep on her own without Mommy or Daddy shuffling up and down the hallway in a sleep-deprived stupor.  This was nothing short of a miracle.

Soon after she learned how to roll from her back onto her tummy.  And then we became sleep-deprived again.

Then she learned how to grab and take hold of things.  Here is a picture of when she first learned how to grab her toys:


In the past few months she has become an expert grabber (my hair is her object of choice), roller, laugh machine, and solid-food eater.  In recent weeks she has learned to vigorously shake her head “no” (“doree doree” for you Koreans), and I am getting the sense that it will be a matter of weeks before she begins to crawl.  For now, she is a swivel machine which means that one minute she will be pointing north, and then 15 seconds later she will be pointing southwest.

I am awaiting many more “firsts” with my girl – her first words, first steps . . . and I know the day will come when she can wipe her own ass.  That will be revolutionary.

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