At 7 months, my sweet Sassafras has just passed the half-year mark and is growing at light speed.

Every week she is learning something new.  A few weeks ago, she started doing this thing where she scrunches her entire face when something delights her.

And just this past week, she began using her pincer grasp and successfully put a Super Puff IN HER MOUTH.  She is also learning how to hold her own bottle, although most of the time she forgets to hold it up and instead pushes it down, causing the nipple to fly out and spray her face (and mine) with milk.  We are working on it.

For the past couple of weeks, she has also been desperately trying to master crawling.  I think it may be a matter of days before we have a crawler on our hands, but for now she will continue to develop buff arms from doing this all day long:

At this point in time, she still has ZERO teeth, but I swear one morning she is going to wake up and have a full set of teeth.  That will scare the crap out of me.

In the last month, we have enjoyed seeing Aliya’s personality develop.  There is no doubt she is her father’s daughter.  She feels things intensely and she is not afraid to let you know!  She loves being with others, is extremely curious and observant (I believe she was this way since birth), and is a determined little girl.  She likes to win people over with her gummy smile and her head tilt.  She already loves to babble and if you are wondering where her volume comes from, I have one guess.

I am learning to slow down and enjoy moments with my daughter because I am realizing that they are fleeting.  The first couple months of motherhood were marked heavily by postpartum depression – an unexpected, terrifying and dark time in my life which I hope to never revisit.  Most days I was trying to survive, to stay afloat just long enough to keep from drowning and losing myself (and my sanity) altogether.  My heart still aches when I think about that time, but I am so thankful for my sweet Sassafras.  I am certain that nothing could have prepared me for this, but every day my  heart is expanding and I am changing because of this little girl:

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better.”

Wicked – “For Good”


3 thoughts on “7 MONTHS

  1. Can’t wait for even more monthly updates (ahem). 😉 And she really IS her father’s daughter! I thought she was “smiley” not “sassafras” anymore.

    On a more serious note, I can’t even begin to imagine what postpartum depression is like… but I know Aliya is so lucky to have you as her mommy!

    • Thanks Ange. 🙂 She’s…my smiley sassafras! Hahaha.

      I love reading your updates because it gives me a glimpse into the future and lets me know what I can expect!

      And thanks for the last bit…I hope no one I know ever has to experience PPD. I am just thankful for all of the support and that we made it through that period. THANK GOD.

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