I feel like I just wrote Sassafras’ 7-month update, and here I am now writing her 8-month post.  In her first months as a newborn, I could not wait for her to get to this stage, and now that she is here I would like for the time to go by just a bit more slowly.  THIS stage, I will miss.  I am fairly certain I will never enjoy/miss the newborn stage.  I will not be joining the ranks of mamas with 4+ children (unless God has other plans, like a virgin birth or something).  I am not super-human like you.

It seems that Sassafras has begun to master the skills she was just starting to venture into in the previous month.  She is crawling around everywhere and is now trying to climb and pull herself up.  She thinks she can do this with her arms and her face, but has yet to realize that her legs exist to help her stand.  I hope she doesn’t realize this for a few more months.

She can hold her own bottle!  Now when she sees her bottle, she does her bottle dance which essentially involves hyperventilating, bouncing up and down, and foot kicks.  And then she stretches her arms out and opens her mouth wide to make sure that bottle lands exactly where it’s supposed to:

During her bedtime bottle, we have also started doing this thing where we raise our eyebrows at each other, scrunch our faces, and then laugh.  It makes me feel like we have inside-jokes.  She thinks I am the most funny mommy in the world, and I think she is the most funny baby.  The feeling is mutual.

Other new developments include waving, scrunching her face on cue, clapping, and signing “more.”  This is a most excellent development, as I prefer signing to blood curdling screams.

Separation anxiety has also been in full force for the last few months.  It is both a blessing and a curse.  When I was sharing with my sister that Aliya is going through separation anxiety and only wants Mommy she said, “Yes, but isn’t it the sweetest?!”  As exhausting as this is, I must admit that it is a good feeling to know that she knows me and thinks that I rock.  Here is her “Mommy don’t leave me” face:

As for her teeth, we are (all) still waiting for them to surface.  For now, there is just a ton of drool and snot and we are still enjoying her gummy grin.

My Hammy Girl:


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