Fathers and Daughters

Last night we were talking about babies, children, teenagers, and how god-awful those adolescent years can be.  A friend of ours was over at the house and he jokingly forewarned us about the teenage years.  A colleague, earlier that day, gave me the exact same warning.  She encouraged me to “enjoy it now before you become the enemy.”  Then she rolled her eyes.  She has four kids.

Good God.

I am still young enough to remember my own teenage angst, although as I approach 30, it’s becoming more of a distant memory.  My dad wasn’t exactly the over-protective, hands-on type, but one thing I will never forget is him scaring the daylights out of the boy I was dating at the time.

He did the right thing.

My P. I. C. says he is going to buy a handgun solely for the purpose of cleaning it when Sassafras brings boys to the house.  Our friend also suggested keeping a dagger around, or a butcher knife.  Any other suggestions?

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