Smiley Smilerson (AKA Sassafras) just turned 9 months yesterday.

When she reached 8 months, she had just learned how to pull herself up.  The first time she did it, I think we were all shocked.  The look on her face went from excitement to terror within a matter of seconds once she realized she did not know how to get back down without free-falling backwards.  It is pretty entertaining to watch her go from standing to sitting; she’ll stick out her arm for balance, and it takes her about 15 seconds to very slowly lower her bottom and then plop down.  Now when we greet her in the mornings, she is already standing and waiting for us:

Did I mention she is a morning person?

Now we have a cruising baby, which means I am constantly having visions of her smacking her head on everything.  She’ll grab whatever she can get her hands onto to try to pull herself up and climb or walk, but the couch is usually her prop of choice as she side shuffles her way from one side of the living room to the other.

Sign language:  By month 8 she was signing “more” and in the last week or two she has learned to sign for “milk.”  I have been trying to teach her the signs for “eat” and “please” but she isn’t having any of it yet.

Teeth:  She finally sprouted two tiny little teeth!  I feel like she has been “teething” her entire life (since it was the only explanation I could think of for those “off” nights when we all didn’t sleep), but since they have finally cut through she’s been a champ.  An extra drooly champ.

I have also been trying to read more to here these days.  She is just starting to laugh and smile at the pictures, so I think she is getting the hang of it.  I hope to incorporate this as a part of her daily routine:

The months just keep flying by and I can hardly keep up.  Every month she is learning or doing something new.  It is all too fast.

Here is my 9 month-old baby:

18 lbs. (50th percentile) / 28.5 in. long (90th percentile)

“I just can’t get enough / I just can’t get enough” – Depeche Mode


3 thoughts on “9 MONTHS

    • Ah, I forgot to add “all done!” I’ve been trying to teach her that one too but she doesn’t really get it.

      See you Monday! =)

  1. can’t wait to see her! so so cute. ava was good with sign language, emma was only interested for a few weeks! ugh, middle child syndrome really baffles me.

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