Anne Lamott

Last night I had the opportunity to see and meet one of my writing heroes, Anne Lamott.  After hearing her speak and meeting her, I am even more in love with her!  I might consider moving up to the bay area just to be in the same vicinity as her, and maybe attend her church (which she invited us all to do).  Although, that might be a little creepy and borderline stalkerish.  I wish she could be my personal writing teacher, friend, and mentor but for now I will have to glean as much as I can from her writings.

Anne (since we are on a first name basis) was in Pasadena promoting her new book, Some Assembly Required, which is a sequel to her book Operating Instructions – a book I would highly recommend to anyone who is expecting or is in their first-year as a new mother.  If you haven’t read any of her books, you should.  She is brilliant, hilarious, honest . . . everything I would want to be and hope to convey in my own writings.

I came to the event armed and ready.  Vroman’s, the bookstore hosting the event, has a policy that you must buy a copy of the author’s book for every three you bring from home to be signed.  Here were my three (I have also read Plan B- not pictured here):

Before the reading, she came by and played with a random baby and I thought, “My baby is definitely cuter than that baby.  Of course she is a sucker for babies!”

And here she is being introduced:

I spent most of the evening trying to soak in everything she had to say, taking notes, nodding, and laughing a little too loudly.  I felt a tad out of place since I was probably one out of five attendees who was 1) not a white woman and 2) under the age of 50.  But I didn’t care.

Here are some quotable mentions from the evening:

That’s how I survived childhood, I’d always say don’t get your hopes up.

The teenage years are a mixed grill of fabulous and appalling.

I live by WAIT – Why am I talking?

I don’t have good self esteem as a writer, and I have a huge ego.

No one cares if you write, so you gotta care.  It’s in no one’s best interest if you write.  You just have to do it.  If you’re not gonna write here, you’re not gonna write there.

Motherhood is going to crack your heart open.  And that’s good.

All that writing is, is a habit.  You develop a sense of pen and paper.

When we feel least isolated (paradoxically) is when we are alone sharing our stories.

And here we are together, Anne and I:


8 thoughts on “Anne Lamott

  1. Love that u r my fifty year old white woman friend. I felt the same way at the oc league of women voters mtg at polly’s pies.

  2. I heart Anne Lamott SOOOOOO much. I’ve read most everything she’s written. Shauna N was the one to turn me on to her like a decade ago. 🙂

    Super jealous you got to go. Why didn’t you invite me? I couldn’t have gone anyway, but still!

    • I invited the entire Facebook world! I didnt know you were a fan! She is amazing . . . everything you might imagine her to be. Love her.

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