Baby Play Dates

A friend of mine once told me that play dates are just as important for moms as they are for the children . . . probably more so when they are infants and “playing” generally consists of staring at each other and blowing spit bubbles.

In the early months when I was still on maternity leave, play dates were a way for me to stay sane and bring some normalcy (and adult interaction) back into my life.  They were not only a way for me to see what other babies were up to – what milestones they were hitting, what they were eating, how they were SLEEPING, etc. – but they also served as a mechanism for me to connect with other moms and vent frustrations, share fears and insecurities, and encourage one another.  I never understood just how lonely motherhood could be and I did not realize how overwhelmed I would feel.  Spending time with other moms and babies I quickly learned I was not alone in this; I was just a normal first-time mom (post postpartum depression) experiencing normal first-time mom feelings with a normal, healthy and ACTIVE baby.

Suffice it to say, I always look forward to play dates!

Here is a recent snapshot of Sassafras with her friend Isla – they are only seven weeks apart and are already approaching their 1-year birthdays!  It is all going by too quickly:

And this was from a play date this past week with friends Luke (10 months) and Noelle (15 months):

(It is becoming increasingly difficult to capture a still (i.e. non-blurry) shot of very active, very mobile babies!  After many failed attempts to get a picture of the three of them, we were able to lure them with food.  We used Noelle as the bait.)

Success!  They are all looking!

It was complete and utter chaos, but I loved it.

Note:  I am not ready for #2 and I will not be swayed.  Good luck to everyone else.  God bless your bedrooms and your private parts.


3 thoughts on “Baby Play Dates

  1. Playdates are funner now that they acknowledge each other’s existences!… and it does feel really good to connect thru our mommyhood shenanigans. 🙂

  2. playdates were/are my saving grace…without them I would have bald spots from pulling out my hair….they only get better as the kiddos get older too 🙂

  3. haha god bless your bedrooms and private parts? nicely said! i miss play dates. E doesn’t have as many friends as A did. Maybe that’s why she’s so agressive/stubborn. X is pretty much screwed by default.

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