10 Months

Where did April go?  It was like I blinked and it was gone.  Maybe if I blink twice, it’ll be June.  Then I’ll be 30 and Sassafras will be 1.

Oh Lord.

I will try to live in the moment.

At 10 months, Sassafras has been doing more of the same, but more refined.  She’s crawling more quickly, cruising around and around, but still has yet to take her first steps unassisted.  Believe me, I am in no rush for her to start walking independently.  Pretty soon she’ll be running away from me.

Sleep:  She is still on two 1-2 hour naps during the day with night-time sleep from about 8 PM – 6:30 AM.  She had a bit of a regression this month, probably due to her incessant need to dance all day in her crib instead of rest.  She has learned to turn on her mobile and will click all of the buttons until she finds Bach or Mozart, so there’s one thing she’s taken on from me.  And on occasion, she’ll toss her beloved Pooh Bear out of her crib and holler until someone brings him by.  Thank the Lord for Pooh Bear:

Sign Language:  In addition to signs for “more” and “milk” she is also signing “please!”  Usually we have to prompt her by touching her hand, but in the last couple of days she has been able to sign it on her own.

Food:  It is crazy to me that she is eating more solid foods and less pureed foods.  So far she has had peeled grapes, bananas, avocados, tofu, noodles, toast, cheese, black beans, and squash.  This past week I made a softer version of quinoa with chicken stock, which she loves!  And on Saturday she even ate a bit of my turkey sandwich.  If I let her have her way, she could probably eat an entire box of Cheerios.

Personality/tricks:  I think she now has more tricks than Kobe under her belt.  When prompted she’ll wave hi and bye, wink, scrunch her face, tilt her head (eepudah!), shake her head (no no or doree doree), open and close her fists (jem jem), blow raspberries, clap (yay!), raise her eyebrows, raise her arms (manseh!), and stick out her tongue.  And most recently, she’s learned to dance on command, usually to music.  We’ll say, “Shake it shake it” and she’ll bounce up and down and wave her hand in the air (like she just don’t care. . .).

She is so animated, expressive, affectionate, and just plain silly.  She must take after her daddy.  Some days I look at her and wonder, “Where did you come from?”

I am outnumbered.

And I love it.

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