My 1st Mother’s Day

For a man who hates commercialized holidays, KK went all out for my first (baby out of belly) Mother’s Day!

I know we celebrated Mother’s Day last year, but I cannot remember what we did.  I remember there was coffee . . .

Most memories pre-baby escape me.  I blame this on months of sleep deprivation.

KK had planned on letting me sleep in, but he had stayed up until 3 AM making my card and preparing goodies for my Mother’s Day brunch!  So when I brought Aliya downstairs for her morning bottle/breakfast, I was surprised to see a bouquet of flowers on the table, as well as a fridge STUFFED with food.  My stomach was growling with excitement.  If you have ever tried his food, you’ll know why.

We went to church for the 9 AM service and I thought I would give the nursery a second try.  The first time we put Sassafras in childcare, not even twenty minutes had gone by before our nursery number began flashing on the screen (i.e. SAVE US FROM YOUR CHILD).  This past Sunday, she did GREAT!  And absolutely no crying!  My guess is she succumbed to the endless amount of Cheerios.

As soon as we got home, Chef KK hit the ground running and began preparing a delicious brunch – a bacon & spinach frittata, salad, toast, home-made cornbread muffins (served with strawberries he had glazed overnight & hand-whipped cream) – topped off with cocktails.  For dinner, he trekked out to Whole Foods and made lobster & avocado salad, DELICIOUS crab cakes (I had eaten them all before I could take a picture), and his famous jambalaya.

I went running that night to wash away the guilt of gluttony.  It only half-worked.

In short, my very first Mother’s Day was amazing.

I am beyond blessed.  Okay, and maybe a little spoiled.

My mind is now racing with ideas for Father’s Day.  I am a competitive over-achiever by nature and KK has set the bar very high.  Unfortunately, I do not have a crafty bone in my body, so even the thought of making a card from scratch is a bit nerve-wracking (although, I could enlist my almost 11-month old to “help” and then it would sweet and endearing vs. comical and sad).  I will also need to consider expanding my cooking repertoire beyond the three things I am comfortable cooking if I plan on making him a nice meal.

7 thoughts on “My 1st Mother’s Day

  1. how cute!! he even cut the toast into hearts 🙂 i’m sure you’ll think of something good for father’s day. if not, enlist your friends! haha.

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