11 Months

Sassafras turned 11 months on Saturday and this was the best picture I could snap of her:

Most of the shots I did capture were blurry ones of her shredding and eating the sign.

Sleep:  Teething has reared its ugly head, and we all lost a few nights of sleep last week.  She is still on the same sleep schedule, but for a week straight the poor girl was having multiple night wakings from the pain/discomfort.  The remedy: infant Tylenol + extra TLC from mama.

Sign language:  Soon after learning “milk” and “more” she learned “please” (now everything is “more please”), and most recently she has been using “up” and “all done” when she is finished eating and wants out of her high chair.  She also does “wash hands” and “sleep” and “no no.”  When she is deliriously tired, usually before bedtime, she will say something like, “More please up milk all done wash hands sleepy time.”

I suppose this is the baby equivalent to slurred speech.

Food:  We are slowly adding more food to her repertoire with eggs (mainly egg yolks) being the most newly added item.  She loves to eat, but lately towards the end of her meals she has begun to spit and blow raspberries, spraying whatever goodies she has in her mouth onto her unfortunate caregiver (usually me).  I have to think that somehow the sensation feels good on her sore gums and she is not solely doing it to see how long it takes Mommy to burst into flames.  She has also been practicing her pterodactyl imitation, which has made eating out more trying.  WE have gotten better at tuning her out, but I know we have overstayed our welcome once the dirty looks begin.  Parenting rocks.

Personality:  These days she takes a bit to warm up to new people as her separation/stranger anxiety heightens (as I am told it does around age 1), but once she does, you are her friend for life.  She is extremely playful and loves to make people smile.  This past month, she began to vocalize when something upset her or she wanted something, which is new.  Before you could distract her or take things away without her noticing too much, but now she wants what she wants and she is not afraid to let you know it.

Enter toddlerdom?  I am afraid.

I believe God creates this very fun, cute stage from about six to eighteen months to help mothers forget the trauma of the first couple months and to prepare for the terrible twos and threes (and f#$!ing fours).  It seems this period, while your baby is cute and cuddly (and not yet insane) would be a great time to procreate if you want to have more than one child.  Unless you are like me and actually like to sleep.  Then, you might hold off for awhile.

I cannot believe my baby will be turning ONE in less than a month.  I never thought I would be so emotional about Aliya turning one, but I have been catching myself getting teary during my quiet moments with her, wondering where the time has gone and reflecting on how much she and I have both grown in the last year.

And after we throw Sassafras’ one-year birthday party, KK and I will have a “we survived the first year” celebration of our own.  Perhaps alcohol will be involved.

4 thoughts on “11 Months

    • Hi mamacravings,

      How did you find me? Thanks for reading! 🙂

      I visited your blog and read that you recently miscarried…I am so very sorry for your loss. I know the pain of it lessens over time, but never truly goes away…hugs and prayers to you.

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