14 Months

I realized it had been awhile since I had written anything, and I was really beginning to miss it.

Sassafras continues to grow at light speed, and I am just trying to soak in each fleeting moment with her.  My favorite time of day is bedtime, when it’s just me and my girl.  We have our collection of inside jokes, which I hope continues to grow over the years.

Language: She still uses signs for milk, more, up, and please but is trying to say more words.  Is it any surprise that my daughter’s very first word was PLAY?  She has a number of “words” which all of her caregivers understand, but probably are not understandable to the general population.

For example, she says “boo” which most often means BOOK, but could also mean Pooh Bear, blueberries, spoon, or balloon depending on where she is pointing.  Other words – mama (for food and for me), pa (for Daddy), hi, bubba (for bubble), wawa (for water), caca (for crackers/cheerios), and a number of animal sounds.  She also says “bow bay” which means “Brown Bear,” her favorite book of all time.  Everyone in our house now has this book memorized, including Sassafras.  Thank you, Eric Carle.

“White dog white dog, what do you see?  I see a black sheep looking at me.”

I am constantly amazed by how much she understands.  She is beginning to understand when we tell her “no” and she is finally understanding the concept of “yes.”  She nods her head with vigor, opens her eyes wide and raises her eyebrows when she means YES.  She also does this when eavesdropping on conversations, as if she’s listening intently or in agreement.

She absolutely loves when we sing to her, particularly songs with hand motions such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

While she is a mirror image of her dad, I attribute her love of books and music to me.  And her wild hair.

Walking:  She was “cruising” for months on end, and I was in no hurry for her to start walking.  She finally took her first steps around the 13-month mark and now takes delight in walking everywhere.  Watch out.

A few days after her first steps:

Play:  These days, Sassafras finds endless pleasure in taking things out, putting things in, and stacking items.  It is impressive how quickly a toddler can destroy your living room, bedroom, kitchen, play room, etc.  Imagine the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes.

She likes to take her hair clips out one by one:

And my wallet has most recently climbed to #1 on her Top Toys list:

She is a riot.

4 thoughts on “14 Months

  1. She is so adorable. I am so glad that you are keeping track of her growth in such details; after all, she only grows up once…Give her two BIG hugs and two kisses for Fang and me. Cloud

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