More Than . . .

Parenthood can be more than you ever imagined it to be.

It can be more trying, challenging, humbling, taxing, exhausting, and heart-breaking than you ever thought possible.

Just your run-of-the-mill meltdown for no apparent reason.

The sleepless nights may feel torturous.  Or perhaps you had to be separated from your child while they spent many nights, weeks, or months in the hospital and each minute away from your baby tore you apart.  Or maybe your child’s endless whining, crying, screaming is wearing on your last nerve.  Children have a way of terrorizing capable, functioning adults.

And I have not even reached “the terribles” or the teenage years yet.

But for as many tough moments you may experience as a parent, there an infinite number of joy-filled moments.  Parenthood can be more healing, heart-warming, joyful, and amazing than you ever imagined.  Sometimes (often) I just stare at Sassafras and wonder, “How did we become so blessed to call you ours?”  Children have a way of tugging at your heartstrings and melting you to pieces.

I am constantly reminding myself there will be good days and bad days; there will be some sleepless nights and there will be glorious nights; there will be outrageous tantrums and outbursts and there will be impromptu laugh attacks and dance parties; she will test me and she will love me.

She makes this incredibly journey all worth it.

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