21 Months

Somewhere down the road, wink face became stink face.

21 months.  I think I have been putting off plans for Sassafras’ 2nd birthday party because I am partly in denial.  Most days I cannot believe she is almost two years old.  In my last monthly update, I shared about her fiery moments, which are becoming more frequent but are thankfully still short-lived.

She is one busy little girl!  The biggest milestone this month is language.  In just a few short weeks, she has gone through a language explosion of sorts, saying more and more words together, learning new words, and singing whole songs.  Her favorite songs right now are Jesus Loves Me, ABCs, and a few Korean children’s songs.  She mimics everything – actions, expressions, and words.  She continues to reenact her daily activities with her dolls, and also share her activities with them.  When she dances or eats, Pooh Bear must be present.  Pooh Bear is her dancing partner, dining buddy, lovey, and maybe even her best friend for life.

Geared up and ready to go!

She is beginning to outgrow all of her 18 month and 18-24 month clothes, and we are now officially out of hand-me-downs.  Since birth, I have had bags and bags of used clothes from generous mama friends; I thought I had an endless supply and now here we are at the end!  Girl clothes are so cute and they grow out of them so fast.  I am hoping now that we have hit 2T sizes, she will be able to wear her clothes a bit longer. Luckily Target, Old Navy, H&M, and babyGAP have so many great and affordable finds on sale.

She cannot quite get herself dressed yet, but she has started to try putting on her socks and shoes.  So far she cannot get them past her big toes.  She also started wearing everyone’s shoes for size and will try to walk around the house with them.  This time she managed to get them on the right feet:

A day in Mommy’s shoes

She continues to eat and sleep well, and after a dreadful December and January, I am happy to share healthy reports for March and April.  It makes a world of difference when your baby is feeling well.  I will try to remember the healthy months when we start her in daycare in the summer.

She is becoming a little girl right before my very eyes.  Her big personality just kills me, and I so wish I could just put my fingers together and freeze time.

Just being herself.


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