We now have a three-year-old on our hands.  When did that happen?

I remember approaching the first birthday as an emotional wreck.  My baby was not going to be a baby anymore!  She became a toddling, talking not-so-baby baby after she turned one, and her personality continued to explode.

Then she turned two.  And I was a little afraid of the Terrible Twos.  But it turns out it wasn’t that terrible after all!  We hit a language explosion after she turned two.  And although we do get more push-back from our Miss Independent, we are also able to reason with her more, and she understands more.  Communication is an amazing thing.

Now she’s three.  And when we’re out and about she will stop strangers on the street and say, “I’m three now.  And I’m gonna be a big sister!”  She is as confident and sassy as they come, and she has stolen my heart.  She amazes me with her humor, wit, and affection, and I am excited to see the little person she is becoming.

As thrilled as I am to meet our newest little addition in the next few weeks, a part of my heart is grieving these last days as a family of three.  Everything I know about being a mom I learned with Aliya, and I’ll always continue experiencing my “firsts” with her.  She ushered me into this thrilling (and terrifying) adventure called motherhood, and expanded my heart to limits I never knew existed before she was born.  She will always by my first-born, my little Miss Sassafras, and I am so privileged to be her mommy.

Cheers to three, baby girl.

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