Who is AK?

That’s me.

I considered titling my blog “BIG SLICK,” but I thought too many people might come here hoping to find a porn site.  Plus, the domain’s probably already taken.

My name is Amy Kim.  My PIC is Kevin Kim (PIC = Partner in Crime).  We dated in college and I locked him down shortly thereafter.  We have one baby girl who entered this world and changed our lives forever in June 2011.

By day, I work as a higher education administrator/student affairs professional/academic counselor.  By night, I am a TV enthusiast, blogger, musician and aspiring poker player.  It would be awesome (not to mention extremely bad-ass) if I could one day win the World Series of Poker.  For now, I get my kicks from stealing money from my friends.

I thought I would come here to write about my musings (i.e. rants).  Perhaps I can put my B.A. in English to some use.

Welcome to mi vida.

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12 thoughts on “Who is AK?

  1. “too many people might come here hoping to find a porn site (and then be sorely disappointed)”

    you never know, some people have a glasses fetish

  2. in true amy fashion, your intro is hilarious! i await the day kobe is in your christmas card along with a baby/baby bump in the near future!

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  5. I’m currently living in Korea as a teacher, and I LOVE your blog. It is really refreshing to read. You’re intro is badarse. Keep writing! By the way, how is it to own a Jindo? Your reader in Gwang-ju, S. Korea!

    • Hi Eleny,

      Thanks for stopping by! How did you find my blog?

      I owned a mixed Jindo and she was pretty docile, but I had a few other friends who owned pure-bred Jindos that were more on the aggressive side.

  6. I was actually looking up red Jindo pictures and I saw your blog. I thought it was so hilarious and very well written so i just got hooked. I especially love when you talk about being Korean and growing up in the church and everything doing with English. Good stuff!

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