TV Lessons

I have just recently discovered the goodness of Netflix.  I am aware I’m a few years behind.  I’m a little slow that way.

At the prompting of our friend, KK and I started watching Friday Night Lights via Netflix.  Since KK’s a coach, it makes sense that we would gravitate towards movies and television shows about sports and coaching.

Last night we watched an episode entitled “I Think We Should Have Sex” in which Coach Taylor’s daughter contemplates having sex with her quarterback boyfriend.  She’s only 15 years old.

I felt our little girl dancing around inside of my belly and wondered how we might broach that fun subject.

Everything I learned about sex came from peers, Cosmopolitan magazine, and Beverly Hills 90210.  I remember watching with nail-biting anticipation when Donna Martin and David Silver finally decided to “do it.”

So I asked KK, “How are we supposed to know how to parent a teen?  We were never parented ourselves!”

KK says, “That’s what TV is for.”

*Adolescent angst scares the bejeezus out of me, and my baby isn’t even out of the womb yet.*

Perhaps I should first worry about how I am supposed to squeeze a human being out of my private parts.  Nine more weeks to go.

2 thoughts on “TV Lessons

  1. I saw that one. That was a good episode, and I thought they handled the subject matter really well. Netflix is awesome. We use the streaming option everyday. And yes, there will be plenty of time before you will have to deal with adolescent angst. Enjoy your time now. What a journey is ahead of you!

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